Elements of a Contemporary-Style Bathroom That Wows

Contemporary-Style Bathroom That Wows

Whether you have hired a bathroom designer, a contractor or an architect to tackle your bathroom remodel, pinning down your favourite style will be of great help to get your project off to a smooth start. If you love uncluttered spaces with minimal adornment and clean lines, contemporary style may hit your decorating sweet spot.

Contemporary bathrooms feature sleek and smooth surfaces and many homeowners choose to incorporate the latest tech and cutting-edge designs into their spaces. This design style breaks the rules, but as a whole, it strays from traditional shapes and heavy embellishments of bathroom supplies. These spaces commonly feature high-contrast colours. For instance, a black-and-white palette is a popular choice in contemporary bathrooms, although any high-contrast colour combination can also work perfectly well.

Floating Vanity

Wall-mounted vanities can do wonders for a bathroom’s functionality and usability. They enable you to extend the flooring all the way to the wall, which will instantly make your bathroom look more spacious. Plus, a wall-hung vanity will leave more space for stashing pieces like a scale or a wastebasket.

Furthermore, with a floating vanity, you will have an easier time cleaning the bathroom as there will be fewer corners and awkward nooks where dust bunnies can hide. And if you’re investing in heated flooring to keep your tootsies warm, installing a hanging vanity is a great way to maximize warmth when standing at the sink.

Bathrooms designed in a contemporary style favour streamlined and simple vanities without any ornamental accents. When you set out to buy bathroom products, look for wall-mounted floating models teamed up with under-mount sinks. Also, look for solid-surface, quartz, or marble countertops. As for the hardware, get integrated C-channel or minimalist bar pulls.

Minimalist & Smart Faucets

Single-handle or wall-mounted faucets with minimalist profiles are the ideal addition to any contemporary bathroom. Besides their beautiful aesthetics, these units may offer some fine controls and settings. Finding the right balance of cold and hot water can be a frustrating game. A little too much in one direction and you’re left with either a third-degree burn or frostbite, and honestly, that just isn’t fun. Luckily, with the right smart faucet, you won’t have to play that game ever again.

Another reason why homeowners worldwide love smart faucets is that they save you money and energy. For instance, smart faucets that are marked WaterSense use around 20% less water than regular faucets. This, combined with the fine controls for pressure and temperature that high-tech faucets feature, will conserve water as they typically waste less of it. And even if you aren’t an environmental green freak, this should excite you. After all, improved water efficiency means that you can get the same things done spending less water. And, consequently, using less water will result in smaller water bills.

Freestanding Bathtub

bath tub

Ah, the long soak. Nothing beats unwinding in your oasis after a long and tough day. Your bath tub can be a little sanctuary within the sanctuary of your bathroom. Get a clean-lined, sculptural tub for your contemporary-style bathroom, which can become the focal point of the space. If you love the look of a freestanding bathtub but want to make cleaning it easier, simpler and increase accessibility, you can go with a partially freestanding tub.

Glass Shower Enclosure

Simple and elegant, glass shower enclosures are the perfect choice for contemporary bathrooms. Enclosures can have sliding or hinged doors or they can feature glass panels without a door. For increased privacy, you can customise the shower enclosure with colourful, textured, or frosted glass. These bathroom fittings are not only convenient, but they also make the bathroom look bigger and sleeker. Besides adding value to your home, glass shower enclosures also ooze style and luxury, offering a sense of openness to the bathroom.

Heated Floors

Without a doubt, the bathroom is one of the hardest rooms in the house to keep warm. Have you ever had a nice, long relaxing shower and felt fully refreshed, only to start shivering once you’ve stepped out of the shower and stepped out into the open air? Well, with heated flooring, you won’t have to experience this unpleasant feeling – you can stay in your warm tranquillity longer. You can benefit from the warm, cosy tiles under your feet starting first thing in the morning ‘till the last thing at night.

Plus, the warmth allows the area to dry out fast and effectively. Once installed, a heated floor frees up the space that traditional heating systems take up. They can also improve your utility bills and make your house more eco-friendly. Today, many modern bathrooms have underfloor heating as it is ideal for bigger rooms that are hard to heat up. Simply put, heated floors add that convenient yet luxurious finishing touch to any bathroom.

Slim-Profile Heated Mirrors

In contemporary bathroom settings, mirrors tend to be either frameless or with a slim, minimalist frame. Their clean lines and light-enhancing qualities are more important than the frame. Choosing a mirror with integral lighting and hidden storage space is a great idea. When you start looking for the ideal bathroom supplies for your new project, you’re bound to come across a range of different designs of heated mirrors.

These are especially convenient for boys who prefer shaving after showering. Properly shaving can be a lot harder when the steam from the shower has misted the mirror and makes it hard to get a clean shave. While, sure, using a towel to wipe the mirror may work, that’s just a temporary fix. The best way to create a more luxurious and user-friendly experience is to install a contemporary heated mirror. It would be a great and convenient addition to your new bathroom as before the mirror has a chance to steam up, the warm pad that’s located behind the mirror will heat it up. This heat is just enough to demist the mirror for the perfect close shave.

Statement Tiles

In contemporary bathrooms, tile can run the gamut from neutral to boldly colourful. Therefore, wherever your taste lies on the colour spectrum, this element is a beautiful way to customise your bathroom’s design. Neutral tile in an odd shape or full-blown patterned and colourful patterned tile? The choice is all yours. You can either choose one design or mix and match tile styles.

Finishing Touches

Simplicity is key in contemporary-style bathrooms. Finish the look of your space with a couple of streamlined, spa-like details. Think pristine towels, a modern stool, a fluffy rug, and tidy bath accessories.

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