DIY Auto Repair Tips

Economical DIY Auto Repair Tips for Mommies with Cars

Mothers are a blessing of God. They love you and found no time for themselves. There are some mommies round the globe who are single and earn their living by own, and many do jobs to increase their family income and help their husbands. The Mamas of former times were often seen with an apron, in the kitchen. But today’s Mama is quite different. When today’s kids will look back on their childhood, they will have many memories of their moms picking them up from school, fun activities or outings in the car.

As a mother, taking care of baby and working outside home and also maintaining your car is a difficult task of times. She has tough time at home or some have outside home. With that keeping a car and maintaining it time to time for a mother is not a piece of cake. Every nine out of ten women/ mother has a story of her own about her car repair. Some complain about over charges or some criticize about the technicians. A pity situation. Right? There comes a question in everyone’s mind.

How can mommies keep up with car repairs? Well!  It’s a time to give the beautiful mothers out there some useful DIY Auto Repair tips for keeping their cars always on track.

DIY Auto Repair Tips for Moms

Know your Vehicle

Women usually are known for not having any or little knowledge about cars and automobiles. So, first of all, you should always have a complete know how of your car. Read the manuals and become known to your car. This will save you from any kind of fraud and you will also be able to ask smart questions from the car expert.

Do Research and Get Estimates

Inquire about the best automotive shop around your home that is fair and also has a good reputation in the market by getting reviews from other costumers or friends and family. And also try to calculate to get an estimate for your service, this will save you if they try to overprice you.

Ask Explanations and Guarantee

You should know yourself that exactly what kind of repairs are required? And make it crystal clear to the technician of what you want. If he does some extra or unusual repair to your car, question him. Also seek guarantee on parts or labor to avoid any unforeseen situations in future due to mechanic or defective parts.

DIY (Do It Yourself)

A lot of vehicles today require particular tools and problem-solving kit so you are possibly going to have to call a repair facility at some point. And you can learn some good techniques from Autodoc online workshop-Do-It-Yourself Auto Repair. Nevertheless, you can spend less time facing off with car experts by knowing how to do some basic upkeep and repairs yourself. This will include:

1.    Changing batteries

2.    Changing tires

3.    Changing Brake pads

4.    Changing fuel/ oil

5.    Changing Air Filters

Use your Senses

It is not necessary to always take your car to the mechanic shop and getting it repaired from them. You can trust yourself and what you hear, look and smell.

1.    Look: Watch for smokes and leaks coming out of engine and fuels respectively. Always pay attention to the warning lights.

2.    Smell: If you smell an unusual odor, then this may be due to some leakage. Immediately take care of it and sort it out.

3.    Hear: If you listen to some noise from the car, this also may be due to some problem. Stop the car and find it out,
With all these things, observe as much things as you can: what is happening in your car, for how long this problem is taking place, how fast you are going, whether you are applying the brakes or gas, turning left or right, is the car hot or cold, etc.

Many women are becoming mechanics, but it is still a male dominant field. While many services are becoming more helpful to female clients, taking your car for repairs repeatedly can be daunting and hectic. So, if you don’t want to worry about being dragged off, cheated, or paying for useless repairs, just go to and relax.


12 Beauty Tips for Working Mom

Doing a job while you are a mother too can be a hectic job. Work, work, work is what you have to do everyday and while doing all those jobs you may neglect yourself. So here are 5 BEAUTY TIPS FOR WORKING MOM.

12 Beauty Tips for Working Mom

1). Waking up early morning.

Waking up early is the key BEAUTY TIP FOR WORKING MOMS. It will give you ample time to be refreshed and to spend your time with your children.Take a quick shower and use a scented body gel to make you feel more fresh and energetic.


One of the first working women tip for fashion is to apply less makeup and not overflow their face by tons of makeup. Your face will not only look natural but it will also save time.

3). Buying a good Face wash.

The perfect beauty tip for working mom is to buy an oil free face wash. Wash your face with it every day and before going to sleep.


One of the best working women tip is to get an appointment for facial once a week. It will not only remove impurities but also freshen up your skin.

5). No blow drying

Blow drying can take a lot of time and too blow drying can damage your hair. So one “beauty tip for working mom” is to avoid blow drying and make your hair dry with a towel.

6). Sun block

Working in Summers can be a problem. So one working women tip is to apply sun block every time you leave your house in order to avoid sun tanning.

7). A pair of sunglasses.

One beauty hack for working women is to buy a good pair of sunglasses not only to keep your eyes healthy but also to keep yourself in fashion.

8). Invest in good shampoo

A good no hair fall shampoo is a perfect beauty tip for working mom. It not makes your hair healthier but also prevents hairfall and dandruff.

9). Moisturizer

One “working women tip for beauty” is apply moisturizer everyday. It prevents skin from getting dried up and makes it softer and younger looking.

10). Long lasting lipstick

The “best working women tip” for is to buy a long lasting lipstick which would not only make you look beautiful and younger but also saves your time from applying it over and over again.

11). Eye Cream

The skin around the eyes is more fragile and sensitive to dryness and due to constant movement of eyes can hasten the appearance of lines and wrinkles so eye cream are the best working women tip to get rid of all these.

12). Manicure at home.

Manicure at home can be the best working women tip. Check your nails for the perfection of nail polish. You can also try some easy nail art that may need only five minutes. If you prefer short nails, make sure it is cut neatly.

8 Tips to Decorate your Home Office

Working at home can be exciting as you don’t have to get too casual to go to work and just relax while you do all you assignments while sitting at your home but what if your home office is way too casual with just one metal table and an old chair. You just can’t feel comfy with that type of home office. So here are few home office design tips to help you decorate your office.

1) Invest in a Great Chair

Home Office Design Tips

The most important home office design tips is to buy a nice, comfy chair for yourself. You spend way too much time sitting in your home office so a beautiful, comfortable chair is worth every penny.

2) Space up

You’ll be spending your whole day in the office so you need to have a spacious room. The best home office design tip is to get yourself out of a small room and take up a large room. Also you don’t have to fill up your whole room with furniture. This will space out your room and you can add extra accessories to it.

3) Paint your Walls

Painting the walls with the colour you like is the one of the best home office design tips. Make sure the wall in front of which you’ll be sitting is coloured such a way that it can help you to be productive and avoid boredom. Also make sure that you don’t paint the whole of your office with the same colour. Paint each wall with a different colour.

4) Adding up Extra Things

One of the best home office design tip is to add up extra things to your walls and table. You can hang a picture of yourself or your family on a wall or can place it on your table. A nice portrait can make your walls look more beautiful. You can even add a wall hanging.

5) Airy and Lighted

The best home office design tip is to make sure you chose the room which is airy and lighted. This will help you to avoid suffocation and will also help you to look over other things from the windows rather than just staring at wall. Natural lighting will be helpful as it can save you some money from the artificial lighting.

6) Lamps

Apart from natural lighting you still need artificial lighting to work in night hours. Lamps can be the best home office design tip. Buy a nice large lamp or maybe a custom designed one in order to make your office more beautiful. Wall hanging lamps can also look more creative.

7) Making a Theme

Theming your home office can be the best home office design tip. Though it’s use for casual use you can still theme up your office according to the work you can do in order to make yourself more productive.

8) Shelves

Book shelves can be the best home office design tip. Fill up the shelves with your favorite books so that you may kill your boredom by reading those books. You may also buy some fidgets as they help you kill you boredom and make you more creative.

If you ever plan to relocate your office to a new place then hiring professioanls like minneapolis movers to help you move to a new office would be a wise decision.

Starting a Business and Being a Stay at Home Mommy

This article is all about women empowerment. How a mother sitting at home can earn money? And can be successful with limited time and resources. For a luxurious life every member of the family needs to earn. Moreover it also adds up in the self esteem of the women. Mothers can work at flexible timings to earn money and they don’t need to go out for that. So the children also don’t get ignored.

Some tips to do business from home for a mother are mentioned below:

Making her mind to start up a business:

She needs to know her own capabilities and skills which she can use to earn. Her interests will lead her for the choice of a suitable business. If she has a hobby she can turn it into a business. Like if she can paint pots she can sell them, if she can bake cakes she can start up a business of that. Example: If a woman is good in aesthetics she can start up with the business of dress designing or interior decoration.

Doing Research Time by Time:

Women can get started with the business by observing the needs of the market she needs to target. She then needs to do this research casually on a regular basis to get to know about the changing trends. For Example A woman needs to start up with online boutique business, so she will have to ask friends and social groups about their needs and demand regard clothing. Basically the preference of the customers is most important.

Look for the gaps in the Market:

Your business would be most successful when you serve an existing want and need which isn’t already being met in the market. This may need some creative thinking. The willingness to do so makes you more successful.

Use the resources you already have:

First of all use the resources you have at your home and secondly buy the resources if they are really important. This will help the mothers to easily manage their limited budget and time. For example if you have a car at home, you can use it as a resource to buy material for your business.

Get customers to pay you upfront:

It is better that the customers pay you upfront, if not then half upfront and half later so your costs are always covered.

Make the most of free technology to promote the business:

The best way for the women to promote their business is by using social media. They can make a page and share texts on social groups to expand their business more and more.

“God doesn’t give us our dreams without the ability to make them happen”

Doreen Virtue

If you have a dream for the business, then you also have all the seeds to make it happen. Does that mean it will be easy? No. You may have to work harder. But get started with the limited time and resources you have and be successful.